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Dr Kunal Makhija Operated First GKS Primeflex Bioloy Knee (Gold Knee) of Permedica, Europe in Navi Mumbai Region.

Best Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon In Panvel, Navi Mumbai - Dr Kunal Makhija

Dr. Kunal Makhija

Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon
Subvastus Knee Replacement Surgeon

Dr Kunal Makhija - knee joint replacement surgeon in panvel, navi mumbai

Dr. Kunal Makhija is a reputed, trusted and best orthopedic and knee / hip joint replacement surgeon practicing in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. He have performed more than 2000 Knee/Hip Replacement surgeries and specialise in UNIQUE technique of Painless/Bloodless Subvastus Knee Replacement surgery. He has cleared M.S Orthopaedic Surgery with the silver medal. He did his speciality in Joint replacement (Subvastus Knee replacement) from Bombay Hospital. He has completed his British association of Surgeon of Knee fellowship from United Kingdom. He has worked at Marien Hospital , Germany as Joint replacement fellow too. He has presented papers and lectures at national and international level with various publications in journals.

Dr Kunal Makhija - knee joint replacement surgeon in panvel, navi mumbai

What Is Subvastus Knee Joint Replacement Surgery?

Knee Replacement surgery, also identified as knee arthroplasty, can help reduce pain and reestablish function in critically unhealthy knee joints. The method comprises cutting off damaged bone and cartilage from thighbone, shinbone, kneecap and substituting it with an artificial joint (prosthesis) made of metal alloys, high-grade plastics, and polymers.

A fundamental part of minimally invasive knee surgery/ subvastus knee replacement surgery is protecting and preserving muscles. This is especially valid for knee joint replacement or resurfacing. The muscles give strength and control to your knee. The muscles are likewise a significant factor in reacquiring motion. As per expectation, not cutting or detaching muscles encompassing the knee results in less pain, more conventional motion, and faster recovery.

Subvastus Knee Joint Replacement explained by Dr Kunal Makhija

Video Transcription

We all know what is knee replacement surgery. But there is a novel and unique technique which is known as subvastus knee replacement surgery which is done by very few people.

So now in this what we do is, usually in old method of knee replacement surgery the muscles, which are in front of our knee was supposed to be cut. Because of that, the post-operative stay in the hospital and post-operative pain and post-operative physiotheraphy used to be for a prolonged period.

But with subvastus knee replacement surgery, we do not cut the muscles, I go just beside the muscles and slide the muscles to expose the whole knee, so it is minimally invasive with less cut and no blood loss, extremely less pain post-operative.

Because of this sliding of the muscles - not cutting not suturing it - the recovery is very fast, the post-operative/after-surgery, pain is extremely less, the injection, the hospital stay required is extremely less the physiotherapy required after the therapy is also less or nil in some cases.

So the advantage of this surgery comes into faster recovery, and less resources are required. Hence this surgery has got superiority to the conventional knee replacement surgery and the surgery is done via minimally invasive technique. hence the scar or suture is also smaller as compared to conventional knee replacement surgery. The patient after this surgery can almost walk on the first day of the surgery, can start climbing stairs from the second day of the surgery can even sit cross-legged if they want to.

There are no limitations in this surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery - Everything You Should Know

Knee replacement is a Surgery in which cartilage which is destroyed in knee due to aging process is replaced with cobalt chrome or niobium implants. Whole knee is not replaced.

In normal knee replacement muscles in front of thigh are cut to reach knee joint, but in UNIQUE subvastus method, I do not cut the muscles to reach the knee joint, there is no internal injury to muscles.

Since we are not cutting muscles the recovery is much faster, almost no pain after surgery, patient can bend the knee after surgery, and return to normal activities very soon. Many patients even sit cross legged after surgery.

Yes, I have operated on 40 yrs old school teacher who has resumed her duties and 84 yrs lady who is happily playing with her grandchildren. We can do this technique in all patients irrespective of age weight etc. Infact I just performed Subvastus Knee Replacement in 110 kgs Patient who went home happily walking.

Yes I do computer navigated knee replacement. Nowadays few patients ask for Navigated / Robotic Knee Replacement.

All patients walk on same day of surgery and go to washroom on same day, my many patients go home walking in 24 hrs/ next day after surgery.

No, I never tell my patients to restrict anything. I have seen my patients dancing in wedding after surgery, swimming, going for vacation with family, attending religious functions without need of pain killers and without walking aid.

There is no need fear or be apprehensive about surgery, the refined new technique has made it very simple and easy. Unique Subvastus technique can give second innings to life and make your and family’s life pain free. After all KNEE SHOULD WALK NOT PAIN.

It's definitely safe, the hospitals I do Surgery in have dedicated non covid in patient area and all precautions are taken at every step for safety of our pateints . And infact many of pateints are getting Surgery done in this time as they have their children around at home to take care due to work from.home .

Patient Video Testimonial


dr kunal makhija performed gold knee implant/bioloy impant surgery on women as mentioned in navbharat times newspaper
dr kunal makhija performed gold knee implant/bioloy impant surgery on women as mentioned in mumbai chaufer newspaper
dr kunal makhija succesfully performed hip replacement with bioloy implant as mentioned in navrashtra newspaper

Patient Testimonial

Advantages of Subvastus Knee Replacement

Minimally invasive

A very small incision is made for the surgery (8-10 cm), which means that the risk is lower. Comparatively, in conventional Knee Replacement, the incision is around 20-25 cm.

No trauma to muscles

In subvastus approach, the muscles are not cut in order to get to the joint. Instead, surgeons simply bypass the quadriceps and get to the joint from a different angle. This ensures that muscle integrity is intact.

Quicker recovery

Since the incision being made is smaller and since the muscles are not cut into during the surgery, patients recover much faster in case of subvastus Knee Replacement. Patients will be able to walk within 2 weeks of the surgery and resume normal life in just 2-3 months.

Full bend to the knee

Care is taken during the surgery to ensure that the implanted joint achieves a full bend from the very outset of recovery.

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